Analysis and strategy give three dimensions to your project.

Our first task is to listen to you.
We are interested in finding out what the three main levers are for the realisation of your event project: needs, objectives and budget.


Your answers will be the starting point for us to identify the most suitable and effective solution for you, from all the different aspects to be taken into account.


Our experience in the field of organising medical, scientific and technological events is undoubtedly a source of great familiarity and skill. But we also have a strong strategic predisposition and an all-round vision, which, combined with our interest in the field of scientific research, allow us to construct and detail tailor-made events.


At this point, our consultancy will take the form of an ad hoc proposal, including a provisional budget plan. From here, if you wish, our collaboration will begin.


When bureaucracy does not slow down but sets your event in motion.

The application for funds and financing for the realisation of your event is up to us, in a systematic and timely administrative and management activity.

We are constantly updated on the ministerial regulations in force, decrees and legal provisions relating to the world of Medicine and Entrepreneurship of medical-scientific and technological development.


We know the bureaucratic steps to be followed, the paperwork to be carried out, the competent contacts, and we can guarantee you an effective start-up resolution in a functional and useful time.


We also deal with requests for sponsorship from scientific bodies and societies, and the contracting of identified sponsors and speakers.


And in every task, as Professional Congress Organisers, we are aligned with all the directives of the new MedTech Europe professional code of ethics.

Finally, we specialise in the formal and organisational management of Medical Refresher Courses and Conferences according to Age.Na.s regulations, in cooperation with our EndoCoreLab division – ECM Provider.


Let's take action!
The construction of your event is underway.

We are now committed to organising every aspect of the overall construction of your event. No detail is overlooked, and we plan and organise each stage of the event in the best possible way, in accordance with the event’s development format.


We take care of the collection and management of participations, the development of information and thematic materials, the setting up of the environment and the management of the necessary services and staff, and then the logistical coordination of speakers and participants.


Professionalism, high organisational skills, concreteness and extreme care and precision are the characteristics that describe us and that are fully expressed in the realisation of valuable experiences of national and international scope.

This is why we are at the service of a goal: that of supporting dialogue and scientific information to encourage constant and fundamental progress in the various fields of health, environment and technology.

In this way, we address Professionals, Associations and Institutions in the Medical sphere, taking care of conventions, congresses, seminars and CME activities, as well as Companies in the Pharma and Healthcare sector and Companies in other Scientific and Technological fields, creating peculiar and successful events.


We're filming!
Your event is live with us.

Your event live always starts, continues and ends with us.

We are present onsite in the case of medical, scientific, technological events and ensure that every step of the way runs smoothly and as planned.


We offer careful supervision and immediate support, should it be necessary, to respond to contextual requests or unscheduled requirements.
Our developed problem-solving skills are combined with a proactive and competent approach, giving you the valuable assurance of highly professional management even in extraordinary circumstances.
And in line with this orientation, we have actively specialised in organising and conducting smart events online, with Webinars and Live Streaming or in the mixed form of Dual Events.


We take care of the Webinar and Live Streaming direction of your event on various platforms, carrying out the set-up and managing the service for the real-time connection.

We firmly believe that not only the present, but also the future will require the creation of increasingly shared and tailor-made virtual spaces that are able to revolutionise the distances and boundaries of reception.


Paying the right attention to your event is the key to its success.

What supports and opens up participation in your scientific event is its communication.
This must also be planned, produced and programmed, according to effective and appropriate choices, aimed at obtaining the expected visibility result. And so we are at your side to elaborate and realise the coordinated graphic image that accompanies your event, making it complete, significant and recognisable.


At the same time, we identify the appropriate digital and traditional dissemination strategy to reach the target audience.
We therefore implement a strategic communication campaign that makes use of various tools and preferred channels, from email marketing to social media, multiple sharing platforms and the press.


We always take care to convey a quality message in perfect harmony with the intention, content and destination of the project, as well as the corporate values and brand identity of the promoting company.

And our action is developed in advance of the event, but also throughout its duration and at its conclusion, with an activity of collecting and sharing reports, testimonials and communication materials.