About us

Imithi is a company specialising in the organisation of medical, scientific and technological events, whose mission is to make research and progress accessible.


The name, Imithi – which means “medicine” in the Zulu language – declares a particular attention to a field of investigation and a sector that is fundamental for our existence and in continuous development.

A field, the medical-scientific one, that requires a very precise type of approach in our work: and therefore extreme precision, competence and transparency in what we do.


In fact, we have built up a solid professionalism in conducting events that share the expression of scientific content, but which may be of a different nature, institutional, entrepreneurial and educational.

And each of these registers is taken care of by us, according to the specificity it needs and with great faculty and qualification, so as to place us as strategic and reliable partners both for Institutions, Bodies and Associations in the Medical sphere and for Companies with scientific and technological expertise.


Thus, together with Imithi, the collaboration with EndoCoreLab was born, dedicated to the Support of Medical Research and Medical Training. 

EndoCoreLab is in fact a National CME Provider and has a Scientific Committee made up of Doctors – Key Opinion Leaders of the world’s scientific community, specialised in various areas of medical science, particularly in the vascular and endovascular field.


EndoCoreLab and Imithi cooperate closely, working in three important service areas: Contract Research Organization, Certification Evaluation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods, and Management of CME Courses and Training Activities.

Why choose us

Imithi is made up of a young, but highly experienced and qualified team that is able to combine specific skills in management with excellent receptive and planning skills.

So systematic and punctual execution is combined with a smart, dynamic and cutting-edge orientation.

We keep a close eye on the present and also look to the future, in order to respond promptly and effectively to the changes taking place and the new needs arising in the field of science dissemination, in accordance with social and technological change.

We know how to propose and manage perfectly fitting, customised and up-to-date solutions for our clients, up-to-date with the latest dynamics of the congress, pharmaceutical and biotechnological world.


We do all this with extreme concreteness, method and clarity, in full respect of the collaboration established, dedicating ourselves to the entire project or taking charge of only certain aspects of it.

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