Communication & Engagement

Imithi is at the service of each interlocutor to build not only an occasional collaboration, but also a real pathway to be undertaken and pursued together and over time.

Thus, alongside the realisation of individual events in the medical, scientific and technological fields, our professional predisposition is also directed towards the development of more articulated Projects, which succeed in defining new and continuous avenues of communication and involvement.

The latter is an objective that we know how to identify in a phase of careful listening and comparison with those who come to us and tell us their intentions. Because each Project is in fact designed and modulated to enhance the identity, values and experience of those who propose it, and gives the opportunity to open a window of rich and progressive dialogue with the public.

The Projects we inaugurate and coordinate are thus translated into experiences distributed over several events during the year, which continue and grow from one year to the next in renewed, always topical and successful editions.

Exclusive collaboration for branded projects CLI-C

CLI-C, which stands for Critical Limb Ischemia – Courses,

a multidisciplinary space for in-depth study and dialogue on the subject of endovascular

endovascular treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia of the diabetic foot.